iPhone 7/8 PLUS pressed flower case

iPhone 7/8 PLUS pressed flower case


This case is for the iPhone 7/8 PLUS. 

Real flowers, pressed and preserved with love. Each petal is flattened and naturally dried over several days in a wooden press, bringing out subtle colours and intricate textures. Inspired by the shapes and patterns in nature, these are then arranged to form a work of art (seriously, they are that beautiful) on the back of a premium clear iPhone case. The backs are sealed with a clear protective resin. The perfect way to keep nature close to you throughout the seasons. Ideal as a gift or a selfish pleasure. 


  • Botanical iPhone cases with real pressed flowers

  • Made by hand, each one is unique

  • Sealed with a clear protective resin (wipe gently with a soft cloth)

  • Premium iPhone case with side protection to help withstand knocks and drops

  • Flowers may naturally change colour over time. Avoid direct sunlight

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