Freckled Mug

Freckled Mug


The kind of mug that wants to be outside in all weather. Drink long slurps of hot tea while picking herbs, watering plants or listening to birdsong. The handle is just right, snug and reassuring. Its shape is comfortable to hold without wanting to put down. The base feels coarse and grounding to touch. Above the irregular horizon line, the raw material gives way to a smooth surface of scattered freckles like a constellation of stars. Made for moments of dreaming and connecting with nature.


  • Thrown on a pottery wheel and fired above 1200 to bring out natural black and brown spots on the surface.

  • Made by hand (the slight differences make each one unique)

  • High-fired stoneware (durable and dishwasher safe)

  • Raw finish to the base and underside

  • 8cm H x 8.5cm D (holds 250ml)

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