Morsel Cup - Pink

Morsel Cup - Pink


The smallest cups hold the tastiest morsels. Fresh orange juice (with bits), coconut water, tea and herbal infusions, just the right amount of black coffee for sipping, or even a blob of ice cream for slurping. This neat little cup works harder than most mugs. The pottery people who made it have a background in architecture, so it won't fall down. The soft colours of almond and peach are frankly delicious to look at. Whenever rain is falling from the sky, this is the perfect cup to curl up with and hug.


  • Made by hand (the slight differences make each one unique)

  • High-fired stoneware (durable and dishwasher safe)

  • Raw finish to the underside

  • 8.5cm H x 8cm D (holds 200ml)

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