Seagull Mobile - Striped

Seagull Mobile - Striped


Birds of the sea. In my childhood, I would see them circling Dublin Bay scouting for fish; then later in Brighton, taking chips from tourists; now riding the tide along the empty beaches of North Norfolk. Their squawks remind me of striped beach huts, melting ice cream, sand between my toes and the constant rumble of the ocean. Filled with 100% wool, this natural cotton and linen seagull mobile has striped wings with delicate black stitching and a pattern around the ring. Each one is made by hand, and the detail is exquisite. Hang this soothing, floating bird above a crib and let nature do the rest.


·       Single small seagull mobile (dotted)

·       Wingspan of approximately 13cm

·       Length from top ring approximately 50cm

·       Made by hand from cotton and linen

·       Filled with 100% wool with fabric wrapped ring

·       Beautiful stitching with very fine detail

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