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20 Things About Me

20 Things About Me


1.   I am the youngest of four. My name is Aoife, pronounced ‘eefa’. I left Ireland 10 years ago to study dance at Laban in London. My favourite choreographer is Pina Bausch. 

2.   I’m a drop-out! I dropped out of the most prestigious university in the country, Trinity College Dublin because at 18 I was very young and anxious. The next year I moved to a friendlier University and had the best time ever. 

3.   My favourite food is potatoes – don’t laugh.  Irish girl likes potatoes, shocker! I hate when people dismiss them as ‘carbs’. 

4.   I can’t sleep without one of those eye masks. I also need absolute quiet. Sssshhhhh! My boyfriend bought me a gorgeous Liberty print eye mask for Valentine’s day. 

5.   I’m a sucker for American country music. My favourite artists are Emmylou Harris, Iris Dement and Dolly Parton. I've seen two of them play live.


6.   I cannot drink tea first thing in the morning without feeling queasy. Coffee is fine. Tea, no way!

7.   The one thing I miss about Ireland is the easiness of the people. The stereotype is true! 

8.   I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I have always been unusually immune to peer pressure. When everyone else was trying it at school, I couldn’t see the point.  I never have gone with the crowd. I am a black sheep, the one who questions the norm and then wanders off in the opposite direction. It’s my superpower. 

9.   I do a walk almost every day for no reason. 

10.   My favourite animals are sheep. I love their faces, their wool, their cheese. I have a sheep mug, a sheep mascot I call Brussel, sheep bedsheets (when I was little) and I’m Instagram friends with a sheep farmer in Australia.


11.   One of the things I like most about myself is my eyebrows. They are big and beautiful. Another thing I never did in my school days was to pluck them into those scary thin lines. Some girls teased me, but I knew my strengths even then.

12.    I am grateful for my mother’s mantra: "You’re lovely the way you are." If you hear it often enough, you believe it deep down. 

13.   Every year, I argue with my boyfriend about when summer begins and ends. I think it starts in May; he says June. 

14.   I dream of creating a beautiful garden planted with wildflowers, where I can sit and relax and admire nature’s beauty. I have been saving up gardening magazines and planning things out in my head.

15.    The best books I have read in recent years are Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series.  I still haven’t recovered after finishing them over a year ago, worst book hangover ever! And now I feel a desperate desire to learn Italian and visit Naples. 


16.   The thing I am most excited about right now is buying a home with my boyfriend and starting our life together in the place of our choice. 

17.   I was terrified of dogs when I was little. I would cross the road and take another route to avoid one I spotted way off in the distance! I have warmed to the creatures considerably over time and am now dreaming of having my own one day. 

18.    I used to work at The Royal Opera House in London. Fancy! I knew nothing about opera before working there, turns out it is an incredibly beautiful thing that I feel fortunate to have experienced. 

19.   The best dream I ever had was a flying dream. I was flying over the ocean with a multi-coloured umbrella as my aircraft. It was very nice and floaty and free. 

20.   I am a qualified yoga teacher. My favourite type of yoga is Yin yoga, a total release for the connective tissues in the body and a chance to really slow down and observe.

Kierstan Leigh | Photographer & Artist

Kierstan Leigh | Photographer & Artist

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